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Sensors Are the Key to Unlocking Exponential Innovation

The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing our interactions with our surroundings – and the high-level functioning of businesses around the world. At the root of this technological transformation are tiny microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) that sense environmental stimuli and integrate them with AI learnings, driving exponential innovation that enables companies to continuously optimize operations.

In a TED-style talk at the 2023 Dubai Business Forum, Omnitron Sensors Co-founder & CEO Eric Aguilar explained the critical role of sensor systems in robotics and autonomous platforms — which are systems that analyze data from connected devices to assist global industries in making informed decisions.

In describing his unique set of skills and experiences, which combine expertise in sensor development with the design of autonomous systems, Eric gave Dubai Forum attendees an overview of his professional journey to date: Having started his career building sensors for drones at US Navy Research Labs, Eric moved to a startup that licensed Navy IP to build a revolutionary motion sensor. This led to an acquisition by Google, where Eric transitioned to developing autonomous systems. As the avionics lead at X, Eric actualized development for Google project Wing, an autonomous drone delivery service. Then it was off to Telsa where he led firmware and sensor integration efforts for the Model 3.

Having witnessed firsthand the potential of LiDAR in the vision systems used in cars and other autonomous robotics, Eric also experienced the frustration of being handed a technology that was saddled with limitations. Undaunted, he and his founding team launched Omnitron Sensors in 2019 to fix LiDAR — which also required a kickstarting innovation in the MEMS industry.

As one of 32 speakers across 24 sessions addressing and interacting with 2,000+ delegates from 49 countries, Eric was delighted to present at the Dubai Business Forum, a curated audience featuring expert panels, visionary speakers and deal opportunities designed to shape the future of international business. For more information, visit