A New Paradigm for MEMS Manufacturing

Here’s what we’ve discovered about advancing MEMS technology: It’s not about the software. It’s about the hardware. You can’t build exotic designs through mass production using outdated manufacturing methods. You have to unlearn what you’ve learned, go back to basics, and rebuild the manufacturing process from the ground up.

We took the first step, looking at existing silicon processes to see how we could address pain points, using tools that are available on every MEMS manufacturing floor. Through clever rearrangement of existing modules that now leverage our new topology for MEMS, we’ve simplified how systems are assembled. Our process IP streamlines the assembly process and improves device performance so you can build leading-edge MEMS sensing technology for price-sensitive, high-volume markets.

Build the change you want to see in the world

MEMS manufacturing has been stagnant for decades. By questioning standards and assumptions, we’ve changed the game. Our silicon processes cost less than previous generations, yet elevate the performance of MEMS sensors to positively impact the way we live. 

What does it mean for you? 

When you become our strategic partner, you’ll upgrade your products and services at a lower cost and with a higher degree of reliability. By trusting us with your MEMS designs, you’ll deliver products that perform better than ever before—giving you the differentiation you need to compete in a fast-moving marketplace.

Ready to take the leap?