Eric Aguilar: Co-founder and CEO

An award-winning entrepreneur, Eric is CEO and co-founder of Omnitron Sensors. He is a recognized leader in Silicon Valley in the field of advanced sensor systems for complex systems such robotics and autonomous platforms.

Eric has pursued his passion for sensor design throughout his two-decade career. He’s held senior leadership positions at groundbreaking companies developing autonomous systems, including Tesla—for which he led a team of 300 on the firmware for Model 3—and X, for which he helped develop Google project Wing, an autonomous delivery drone service. Eric also led the sensor integration effort for a fleet of robotaxis at Argo AI, a self-driving company funded by Ford and Volkswagen. Earlier in his career, Eric built sensors for drones at U.S. Navy Research Labs. In addition, he drove product development efforts for a sensor company that was later acquired by Google for $85 million.

Eric holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from California State Polytechnic University and has pursued advance studies in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at University of Southern California.