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Omnitron’s Dynamic 3D Structures Break Through Limits of Semiconductor Packaging

For too long, semiconductor innovation has been trapped by the limits of packaging techniques.

What if you could leapfrog from the wide-ranging limitations of static silicon packaging to achieve unprecedented flexibility and compact size in your semiconductor and MEMS devices?

What if you could create more flexible designs that can be precisely adjusted to function optimally in variable conditions?

Omnitron Sensors has developed and fabricated a new way to create dynamically controlled 3D structures, such as ratcheting systems and offsets, paving the way for major performance advancements in the next generation of microelectronics.

In practical terms, what might this mean for your application?

  • Telecom—Design arrays of mirrors that can be precisely adjusted for improved signal direction and strength.
  • Optical Systems—Realize the benefits of offsets that simplify the alignment process in optical systems, reducing complexity and enhancing performance.
  • Biomedical Devices—Tailor micropumps and microvalves for specific medical applications to gain precise control in drug delivery systems and diagnostic tools.
  • Augmented Reality—Create enhanced projectors that offer better control over light projection, improving the user experience in AR applications.

Origami for Microelectronics

Using principles similar to origami, where paper is transformed into beautiful 3D artwork, Omnitron has transformed simple silicon frames into complex, adaptable 3D structures. Our approach enhances device performance and operational flexibility, breaking through old packaging paradigms in semiconductor and MEMS manufacturing.

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