Dr. Trent Huang: Co-founder and CTO

Trent brings extensive experience in optical, microwave, micro-/nano-fluidic, and biological MEMS sensors, actuators, and microfabrication to Omnitron Sensors, where he leads the company’s technology teams to drive organizational growth.

Trent holds numerous patents, and his expertise in theories, applications and productization of micro-/nano-systems has consistently delivered transformative solutions that allow Omnitron to break through the barriers of MEMS manufacturing. With a strong track record of leveraging emerging technologies to solve complex business challenges, he thrives in dynamic environments where creativity and agility are paramount.

Prior to Omnitron, Trent led teams of scientists and engineers at Google in the areas of quantum computing, and in MEMS hardware and system technologies for Android products. Trent held leadership positions in MEMS engineering at Lumedyne Technologies (which Google acquired during his tenure) and at Tessera Technologies. His professional experience also spans bio-compatible MEMS, molecular nanotechnology, and optical technologies.

Trent earned a BS in Physics at the University of Science & Technology of China, an MA in Physics at the University of Virginia, and a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University.