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Startup Validates its MEMS Scanning Mirror Process for LiDARs

Startup Validates its MEMS Scanning Mirror Process for LiDARs Setting out to overcome the drawbacks of today’s LiDAR mirror alternatives, Omnitron Sensors has crafted a 3D MEMS technology fit for low-cost, high-volume markets. The LiDAR subsystem market continues to gain momentum, with forecasts of $2.3 billion by 2026 according to Yole Développement. Aiming to capitalize…

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Claiming a New MEMS Topology, Startup Promises ‘Disruption’

Claiming a New MEMS Topology, Startup Promises ‘Disruption’ The performance of MEMS devices has stagnated because MEMS manufacturing process technologies have failed to advance significantly. An Los Angeles-based startup believes it can fix that. Omnitron Sensors claims to have proven its new process technology through development of an optical subsystem for MEMS lidar. Industry experts…

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Omnitron $1.6M Bridge Seed Round With Strategic Investor

Omnitron Sensors' CEO competed and won Latino Startup of the Year along with a $1.6M investment from L’Attitude.

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Omnitron to Bring 3D Silicon Process With Seed Round Raise

The team at Omnitron wanted to bring to your attention an exciting article published today in MEMS Journal highlighting Omnitron’s recent closure of its Seed round, an overview of our team leadership, and a discussion of the bleeding-edge technology we’re creating in 3D manufacturing for the sensor market.

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Omnitron Sensor CEO Interviewed by Scott Amyx


Eric Aguilar CEO of Omnitron Sensors speaks with Scott Amyx’s “Innovating with Scott Amyx” a leading podcast on innovation. In the podcast Eric shares his vision for Omnitron Sensors, what MEMS is and how innovation in silicon process creates new industries.

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