Senior MEMS Engineer

About Omnitron

At Omnitron Sensors, our team of award-winning industry veterans is pioneering the next generation of MEMS devices. We went outside the box to change how MEMS are made so developers can take a gigantic leap in product performance and capabilities. We’re out to impact every part of the sensor ecosystem, bringing Omnitron’s platform to the forefront of sensor development.

We do things differently. We challenge conventional thinking and traditionally-accepted methods to reinvent how MEMS are manufactured. Our process IP results in a MEMS topology that simplifies the assembly process to improve performance of sensor applications. By using our approach, companies can build leading-edge MEMS sensing technology at low cost and high-performance. 

Role Description

We are looking for motivated and creative engineers to work on a disruptive optical MEMS product focusing on process development and innovation. The primary technical duties include process validation and innovation, implementation of proprietary microfabrication steps, and device/process characterization. Experience in MEMS process development and device characterization is required. Candidates will be expected to offer creative insights for R&D problems, characterize and define process windows and design rules, and help execute and analyze statistical designs of experiments.

To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to


  • Learn and develop new LiDAR system architectures through trade studies, link budget analysis and modeling
  • Conduct performance evaluation and optimization of electro-optical systems design by using commercial/in-house simulation packages
  • Overcome technical bottlenecks by proposing novel design concepts
  • Distill clear subsystem requirements given complex system-level specifications
  • Design of optical subsystems for monostatic and bistatic systems
  • Develop design and validation of optical and system tests

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Lead MEMS process development effort at R&D foundry
    • Perform MEMS process development in cleanroom
    • Help design shortloops for process definition and characterization
    • Develop complete sets of process parameters
    • Help define basic design rules
  • Provide daily status updates
  • Communicate with technical leadership regarding development issues
  • Manage material logistics for experimental needs