Since the commercialization of the first microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) accelerometers for automotive airbags in the 1990s, MEMS and sensors have changed the way we live, work, and play. These tiny, micron-scale devices rely on moving parts to replicate human sensing capabilities. Today, MEMS sensors are all around us. And they’re changing how we interact with the digital world, allowing us to see, hear, speak, touch, and even smell the electronics in our lives.

Every day, you’re designing MEMS sensors for more advanced applications, from facial recognition and diagnostic testing to voice-activated smart home systems, gesture-based VR gameplay, and autonomous driving. But as MEMS designs become increasingly exotic, it’s more difficult to build them in high volume at affordable price points. That’s where we come in. At Omnitron, we’re helping you break through the barriers of MEMS manufacturing to realize the transformational technologies that enhance our lives.

LiDAR—Good Optics for MEMS

Every new idea needs a beachhead application. For us, that was LiDAR, which stands for light detection and ranging. This remote sensing technology uses eye-safe laser beams to gather data about surrounding objects. Optical MEMS sensors make it all possible.

Initially used by scientists to map the Earth’s surface and gather meteorological data, LiDAR’s now making its way into consumer applications. In fact, the future of autonomous transportation relies on LiDAR scanning to “see” the world in 3D, giving our vehicles an accurate picture of their environment. Unfortunately, it’s been too expensive to build optical MEMS sensors in the volumes needed to bring autonomous driving to the masses. But that’s an old way of doing things.

At Omnitron Sensors, we’ve upped LiDAR’s game. With optical detection and measurement at a never-before-seen level in LiDAR sensors, we’ve raised the bar in performance to ensure you can offer market-changing products. We started by reimagining the fundamentals of MEMS manufacturing. In charting a new topology for MEMS, which encompasses process optimization and packaging, we saw a new future. We hope you’ll join us in that future. Contact us today.